Purchase Order Finance

Bellatrix SME Finance provides funding to MSMEs and Startups with Purchase Orders or Supply Contracts to supply goods or complete a project. MSMEs and Startups can use the facility to buy materials, to pay for transport and labor.

Purchase Order Transaction Model

Our Purchase Order transaction process is summarized below:

Facility Conditions
  • Loan repayment period of 60 days (2 months).
  • Loan facility can cover up to 100% of project costs.
  • Approved funds will be paid to suppliers based on submitted quotations.
  • Cession Agreement (Project proceeds to be paid into Bellatrix’s bank account).
Application Process
  1. MSME applies for Purchase Order Financing from Bellatrix SME Finance.
  2. MSME , Bellatrix and the Buyer/Purchase Order Issuer(off-taker) to sign a cession agreement cession for the project payments to be made into Bellatrix’s bank account.
  3. MSME signs a contract with Bellatrix to acknowledge receipt of loan facility.
  4. Bellatrix pays the MSME ’s suppliers to deliver goods or material required for the project.
  5. Purchase Order Issuer pays progress payments/project proceeds to Bellatrix Capital upon project completion.
  6. Bellatrix deducts principal amount and interest and pays net amount to MSME.