Invoice Discounting

The process involves buying outstanding invoices at a discount from SME, pays the SME
immediately and collects payment from the debtors when the invoices are due. Invoices can be discounted at 10% over a maximum period of 30 days or 15% over a period of 60 days.

Facility Conditions
  • Products or service must be delivered before processing the facility.
  • Debtor must be happy with products or services.
  • Debtor must be Central Government, Regional Councils, Local Authorities (town councils/municipalities), State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) or a Reputable Private Company.
  • Invoice must be issued.
  • Maximum Loan repayment period of 60 days (2 months).
  • Loan facility can cover up to 90% of invoice value.
  • Cession Agreement (invoiced amount to be paid into Bellatrix’s bank account).
Application Process
  1. MSME submits invoice after supplying material or rendering a service.
  2. MSME applies for invoice discounting facility with Bellatrix.
  3. MSME , Bellatrix and the Debtor to sign a cession agreement for the invoice amount to be paid into Bellatrix’s bank account.
  4. MSME signs a contract with Bellatrix to acknowledge receipt of loan facility.
  5. Bellatrix pays up to 90% of the invoice value to MSME .
  6. 100% of invoice value paid into Bellatrix’s bank account upon due date.