Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Statement

Bellatrix SME Finance (PTY) Ltd has adopted King IV Code on corporate governance as a guiding tool with principles and leading practices on good corporate governance. The board use these principles to establish good governance and achieve associated outcomes:

  • Ethical culture
  • Effective control
  • Legitimacy
  • Good performance

The Board

The board plays a critical role in Bellatrix’s corporate governance. The board is mandated to act with utmost integrity and transparency whilst exercising independent judgement in the best interest of Bellatrix over time. The board primary roles are:

  • Steering and setting strategic direction of Bellatrix SME Finance (PTY) Ltd.
  • Approving policies and procedures to be used by management in carrying out the set strategy.
  • Overseeing and monitoring the implementation and execution of strategy through approved policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring accountability for Bellatrix’s performance by means of reporting and disclosures, among others.

Bellatrix’s strategy is set at a board level while the implementation and execution thereof is carried out by management. The board approves policies and procedures to ensure management operates within the companies risk tolerance as set by the board. The board also assumes the overall responsibility for the company’s overall performance.

The Board’s Independence:

The majority of board members are Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) in order to exercise independent judgment over matters presided over, in the best interest of the company.